RZ APOLO INVESTMENT GROUP LTD designs the company that your profile and activity need in strategic locations around the world.

Our Team of Legal and Financial Advisors with decades of experience in International Law, as well as International and Business, will design for you the ideal Banking and Financial Structure so that, combining the appropriate jurisdictions according to your existing or potential business model, you will obtain the highest revenue for your money, maximizing and even exponentially multiplying your profit, reducing fixed and variable costs as well as reducing tax rates, without having to change your country of physical and/or fiscal residence, as appropriate in every case, and with the highest confidentiality degree.

Empowering You to Achieve Your Financial Dreams

Our corporate culture, based on shared values of integrity and ethical business conduct, underpin RZ Apolo Investment Group Ltd’
reputation around the world. When combined with a clear investment strategy, the quality and performance of our
investment vehicles and our services, those elements create a powerful force for business success for the company
as a whole and for our investment partners. We all therefore have an ongoing responsibility to share and live our
corporate values and ambitions.

To realize this potential, the Board of Directors works with management to review and approve business strategy,
exploring opportunities and risks. We oversee the allocation of resources to execute the strategy and create value
for the owners and the various stakeholders and communities that we serve. This process addresses investments
in the company’s internal capabilities, opportunities in external investments, and the return of cash to owners.

Today, our assets are well diversified across 19 countries, 9 sectors and wide spectrum of assets classes including
private equities, real estate, commodities and fixed income. Studying industry trends and economic conditions, our
in-house strategy team are highly experienced in recognising and capitalising on potential business opportunities
that are presented to us. Evaluating every opportunity on its merit to grow, the team are experts in both identifying
and developing successful business ideas into live, profitable entities. Given our reputation, diversified portfolio of
ventures, and in-depth market expertise, we offer strong credibility that translates across our partnerships.

The company continuously seeks to improve its services by focusing on innovation of new products and extra
services that meet and exceed customers’ expectations, for both individuals and corporates, with timely delivery and
ease of procedures in light of transparency and clarity which are of high importance to us.

All our achievements so far has been as a result of the collective efforts of the management and team members,
who were duly encouraged by the trust our clients placed in them. I would like to thank the board of directors,
executive management and employees for their active support, contributions and professionalism, which enabled
us to attain the best possible results. Last but not least, I want to thank our valuable clients, who have been the
driving force behind our commitment to success, and our respected partners for their continued trust in us.

Our Experts

Experienced Expert In Cryptize

Adam Stark

CEO Cryptize

Paul Jhon

Branch Manager

Mark Suarez

Marketing Manager

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